1. labsinthe:

    "Urban Brights" Kate Moss photographed by David Sims for Harper’s Bazaar 1994

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  2. It’s forty-five past midnight; I’m not sleeping again

    I turned on that blue light you gave me, and I feel like I’m underwater

    It reminds me of you, but I guess everything does

    Slow motion emotions, going through the motions

    Undercovers, undercover doubter. Now it’s been an hour

    Do the other lovers know that with anchors cast in safety they won’t ever grow?

    And it’s been pretty rough, but what choice did we have?

    Wait for one to fuck up and be privately glad?

    Oh, I fell for love, but we were better than that

    Insecure eyes drawn to inevitable cracks 

    And I sill don’t love you any less, but my head is far less of a mess

    I want you to know that I’m happy. I hope you can feel it. 


  3. gabbigolightly:

    Bentornata Christy, Christy Turlington, Vogue Italia, 1989 by Steven Meisel

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  4. a-state-of-bliss:

    Lanvin Fall/Wint 2004 photography by Peter Lindbergh

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  6. hhhhhhhhhhhelen:

    Nadja Auermann, 1994 by Helmut Newton

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  7. maarksavage:


    Brenda Schad is a Native American model of Cherokee and Choctaw descent, who founded the Native American Children’s Fund in Oklahoma. http://bit.ly/ShMikA

    She’s beautiful

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  8. bienenkiste:

    Photographed by Jonty Davies for Marie Claire US October 1998

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